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Bara's Prom Night / Maturitný Ples

Our friend Bara will graduate in June and she invited me to her Maturitný Ples or Prom night. It is a tradition here in Czech Rep. for last year high school students. Parents and good friends usually participate as well.

20 Feb 10

Photo Exhibition - Tibetan Journey

On the occasion of the Tibetan New Year, my good friend Otakar Metlicka offered me to exhibit my pictures of Tibet taken back in July 1998. Interestingly, while I have been publishing my pictures on the web mostly, it is my very first public exhibition ! It runs in the beautiful tower of the Novomestská radnice in Prague 2 until February 2010. You can also see pictures taken by Otakar in Mustang valley of Nepal. My pictures of Tibet can be seen in the section 6 Years in Asia.

14 Feb 10


Added a PhotoBlog to simply share some of my favorites pics as I take them without constraints of theme. Check back regularly as it is probably the most updated part of the site.

14 Feb 10

New Home Page

For those who noticed, I have just changed my home page to this page, which was before the News/Blog section. So when you hit this is where you land. I think it is far more interesting for visitors to check what I have published recently than going through previous version with menus. I hope you like it and as a result you come back more often.

24 Aug 09

Egypt - Part II - March 2009

I had the chance to return to Cairo in March and managed to spend a couple of hours near the pyramids, by the nile early evening, this time all in digital. Believe or not I took in a couple of hours as many shots as I did in two weeks when I shot film... I think I managed to convey somehow some atmosphere but in the end, the quality of the pictures from a information and esthetic point of view is very much dependent on the time you spend with your subject. Photography requires surely some talent but very much time, patience and luck as well. When you see the two pictures You Can and Now you will surely understand....

24 Aug 09

Egypt - First Impressions - September 2002

I have published a new selection of my pictures from a trip to Egypt in September 2002. I really like them. It was a few months before I switched to digital, and I must admit looking at the colour and overall image quality, I am impressed. I was shooting at that time as well far less and to be frank I do not think I am taking better shots these days, it is just the easiness of digital that pushes me to trigger the shutter much more. In a sense, I really believe that less is better in photography. It forces you to think more before you take a shot. In two weeks in Egypt, I must have taken about 25 rolls of Velvia or about 900 pictures, something I typically take now over a 2-3 days....

22 Aug 09

Queer Pride in Tabor

On June 20th, I set out to take pictures of the Queer Pride in Tabor in South Bohemia. I really enjoyed it and I invite you to share some highlights of my day and meet some real characters !

31 Jul 09

Lecture avant de se coucher - Bedtime story

I did not upgrade to the 5D Mark II for its video capabilities but I must admit after a bit of practising, it is a truly fantastic feature and the fact I can use all my L lenses, I get wonderful results. Check out my latest short movie Les Cousins en vacances : it is about bedtime and Jules is reading in French a story to his sister Clara and his Czech cousins Victor and Prokop.

26 Jul 09

Award - Canon Editor's choice

One of my photographs from Poprad in Slovakia was chosen by Magdlena Herrera from Geo France in this month Canon Editor's choice. Check it out and listen to the audio commentary, my picture is the second one. I am really happy she chose this photograph it indeeds represents a lot what I try to capture, funny and imprevisible moments.

26 Jul 09

6 Years in Asia

I have changed the organization of the website, giving away the numerous galleries organized by locations in favor of themes, containing several photo albums. This first theme I publish today is 6 Years in Asia which is a look at the still very vivid memories of some of the wonderful people and places I visited in Asia from 1992 until 1998. There will be more coming in the next weeks around other interesting themes or topics. For those interested in the workflow behind these albums, I do everything from Lightroom using SlideShowPro engine integrated into Lightroom to create and publish the albums for the web.

01 Mar 09

Czechs on the move, tirelessly chasing them...

One of my favorite photographic subjects is the Czech people. The following album is a collection of shots of Czechs, young, old, fat, slim, chicks, boys...mostly in action or about to move, doing something or going somewhere, happy, sad, loving, grumpy, anyways always very touchy. I let you judge for yourself

01 Mar 09

Corfu - First Impressions

If we did not manage to rent a car and rent a boat to escape the touristic crowds, these 2 weeks would have turned into a nightmare. Anyways, here are some pics of what you could see in Corfu if you look well, but you need a car and a boat. Enjoy !

01 Mar 09

Czech Folklore

For those who know the Czech lands and spent a bit of time here, I am positive you will recognize in this Czech Folklore multimedia slideshow some familiar scenes of daily life here. Enjoy.

21 Aug 07

Ile d'Yeu - Small French Paradise

If you are too choose to rest on the French Atlantic coast, I really recommend you go to Ile d'Yeu, a small French paradise, some 18km off the coast. I have spent two weeks on this small island in July and did not have enough of sea, sun, seafood, aperitifs, and of course taking photographs. Judge by yourself.

20 Aug 07

Poprad and High Tatras Mountains

In France we have the Alps, in Slovakia they have the High Tatra mountains, a mountain range forming a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. At the foot of the Tatra is town of Poprad, developing very quickly thanks to tourism. Of course, it is a place where you find still a lot of old Skodas and panelaky for those nostalgic of the communist era.

25 Jun 08

Up and Running

After a few months of absence, I am finally back on line and I will bring you shortly some new pictures from the High Tatras in Slovakia and also from Ile d Yeu in France. I will be presenting my photographs using Soundslides, a great tool to produce appealing image and audio web presentations which I recently used to showcase the photographs of the Awakening exhibition of my friend and photographer Irena Moore. Come back in a couple of days for more.

16 Aug 07

Photo equipment, digital workflow, etc...

People ask me often what is my photographic equipment, what lenses, what software do I use for my digital workflow, do I only shoot digital ? Here are some answers.

Let's start with the most important in my view : Lenses. I own three lenses, a 17-35 2.8L, a 28-70 2.8L and a 70-200 2.8L. These lenses belong to Canon's professional line, they are expensive but I have owned them for 10 years and they have never failed me. Most importantly they provide superior image quality. Spend your money on lenses and not on camera body unless you have a very specific need.

Body - I have switched to digital back in December 2003 when I brought my first Canon 300D. Three years later in December 2006, I switched to the Canon EOS 400 D, which has 50% more pixel than the 300D, allowing me to do nice 30x45 cm prints. It is the entry level Canon Digital Reflex body, but it is very advanced and if like me you do street photography, people, landscape sometimes and you do not need to shoot 10 frames per second under heavy rain, then it is your camera, believe me but attach to it good lenses.

Now in terms of Format, I shoot exclusively in RAW, which provides me full control over images quality when I process them in my Digital work flow solution, Adobe Lightroom. I use Lightroom as a picture library and digital work flow tool. In the development module you have so many controls and ways to develop your picture that unless, you need to do something very specific like retouching in details your picture, you do not need Photoshop.

06 Mar 07

Prokop - already one year and a half

Here we are, Prokop is now 1 year and half and doing very well. He is a big time certik at times (little devil in Czech), but we forgive him for now...

04 Mar 07


Biarritz, South of West of France. I was lucky enough during our 2 weeks in Biarritz to see a big storm and with a bit of patience managed to frame this picture of the lightning. Our terrace was facing directly this impression rock, and you will see many more interesting pictures of it under different light conditions in the Biarritz gallery . Also of course, I have published my favorites of people enjoying the beach, the surf, the sun...

04 Mar 07


I have made the jump and I am finally publishing news, updates regarding my website using an RSS feed. You can of subscribe to it by clicking here to read in your favorite RSS reader or by simply coming back to this page. I am actually delighted as I have been looking for a simple solution for a little while. I hope you will like it and come back often.

04 Mar 07